Grant Guidelines and Application

Awarding grants to assist Catholic non-profits to meet the changling opportunities and needs in Ohio.

The Ohio Charity Foundation manages a limited number of funds which provide for annual grant opportunities to Diocesan agencies, schools, parishes and programs and other faith-based or nonprofit organizations located within the State of Ohio, whose missions are consistent with the moral and social teaching of the Catholic Church.

Grants are made each year to Catholic parishes, schools, and Catholic organizations to support projects that save lives and alleviate suffering, accelerate the end of poverty, and cultivate just and peaceful societies, always placing the dignity of the human person in the center. The parish, school, or Catholic organization must be directly involved in the activities or work being supported.

Grant Application

Complete and submit the Foundation’s grant application online when you have determined you are eligible.


Nonprofit charitable organizations that are exempt from federal taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Revenue Code, and nonprofit charitable organizations in Ohio can submit a grant application. All applicants must demonstrate how the grant award would provide needed support for Diocesan agencies, schools, parishes, and other Catholic-based organizations.

At this time, we are not able to fund requests for annual appeals or membership drives, endowment funds or grants to individuals. The Foundation does not award multi-year grants, but grantees may apply for funding in consecutive years.


  • Grant application forms must be completed fully and submitted to the Ohio Charity Foundation grant chairman for review by the committee.
  • Grants are considered on individual merits, and while organizations are not required to be Catholic based, they should not be in conflict or compromise Catholic teaching. The committee should consider the merit and value of a grant and how closely the grant aligns with the purpose of the Ohio Charity Foundation.
  • Completed grant forms must clearly define purpose and the people benefiting from the grant. Statewide application of the requested grant is a preference for grant consideration, but the committee is open to recommending specific Diocesan grants that clearly meet the Ohio Charity Foundation goals.
  • Grant consideration should include proposed objectives, the public relations benefits to the Knights of Columbus and its Ohio Charity Foundation, and the dollar amount of the request.


Further questions about the Grant Application can be directed to Chris Sarka, Grant Committee Chairman, at [email protected].