Hello! Let us tell you about our Good Works

The Ohio Charity Foundation is a registered, nonprofit 501 (3)(c) charitable organization that supports local Knights of Columbus Councils across Ohio. We are formally affiliated with the Knights of Columbus Ohio State Council. We engage in multiple Projects and Fundraisers to help facilitate the Good Works of Knights in Ohio.

Foundation Officers and Board of Directors


Front Row
Mark Siracusa, Immediate Past State Deputy
Tony Offenberger, State Warden and Foundation Secretary
Larry Moegling, Past State Deputy and Foundation Treasurer

Second Row
Robert Collins Jr, Past State Deputy
Jim Maslach, State Treasurer
Paul Upman, Past State Deputy

Third Row
Robert Byers, Past State Deputy
Mike Felerski, State Secretary
Chris Sarka, State Advocate

Fourth Row
Dave Helmstetter, Past State Deputy and Foundation Vice President
Jeff Kiliany, State Deputy and Foundation President
Gary Eckstein, Past State Deputy
Ken Girt, Past State Deputy
Fr. Jim Lang, State Chaplain

Not Pictured
Baci Carpico, Past State Deputy
Roland Bator, Past State Deputy
Kevin Miller, Past State Deputy

Front Row
Judy Kiliany
Heather Felerski

Second Row
Beth Siracusa
Cinda Helmstetter

Third Row
Sandy Eckstein
Gina Sarka

Fourth Row
Kathy Maslach
Mary Lou Moegling

Fifth Row
Kristin Offenberger

Not Pictured
Pat Bator
Tish Miller
Lee Upman
Peggy Byers
Linda Girt